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March 5 2022

What a start for the Delaware state championships tournaments at Milford Billiards yesterday!!

Thanks to all the 64 Killers Monsters players who participated in the event I hope everyone enjoyed it and had fun!!

People traveled for 4.5 hrs and some for 3 hrs to come to support the event and that really means a lot to us.

Huge shout-out to the Machine Fedor Gorst and Kristina Tkach for coming yesterday and spending all day with us. You guys are such a great couple!!

Special thanks to Ran Ji and Travis Parker for helping me all day running the tournament, Ran wasn't feeling well most of the day but she decided to stay and help us to make it happen! What a girl!

You guys almost did all the work! Thank you so much

A big shout-out to Ray Netta (Tuff Cuts) DavidandTrisha Brobst SteveandJudi Shires Marando for handling the stream and the live commentary all day and helping with collecting the Calcutta money, selling 50-50 tickets. You guys ROCK!!

Also, I appreciate all the advice from ( Tim Tanana Curtis Branker Christopher Lee Wilburn Brett Stottlemyer Brian Revill ) which for sure will help a lot with future tournaments.

Congratulation to all the winners

Our CHAMPION for the 1st Annual Delaware State barbox 9-ball Championship "THE MACHINE" Fedor Gorst whoever give you that nickname was definitely right!

This kid played lights out all day, made some sick shots, crazy safes, PHENOMENAL JUMP SHOTS, was really fun and great watching you shooting and I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed it.

RUNNER UP: Our Delaware CHAMPION Matt Krah, Congratulation buddy you played great pool all day and well deserve it.

3rd Place: THE PHILLY VIPER Vinny Cimarelli way to show up bro!!

one of the best pool players in our area, one pocket killer, outstanding performance yesterday. Congratulation buddy.

4th place: Mike Saleh No surprises bro you are a killer. this Mikey makes the ball from anywhere on the table, Unbliavble performance all day MY COUSIN Congratulation!

5th/6th: Brett Stottlemyer & Shaun Wilkie, Nothing to say here 2 of the best players all the time both are the champions most of the tournaments around our area,



7th/8th: Joe Stem & Pampi Pamplona

Joe played great all-day way to represent Fredrick area bro!!

Pampi Pamplona: After losing the 1st round, he came all the way back and won 7 matches in rows to loos in a tough match to Matt Krah , All Delaware proud of you Buddy!


John Moody I want to stop here and give this man a huge shout-out for the way he was shooting yesterday, He played phenomenal pool, gave Fedor Gorst a very hard time and great competition actually he has the chance to win but ended up losing 7-5 in a great battle, Great shoot man and


Thomas Zippler , Always in the cash man no doubt one of my favorite pool players in our area, Great shooting bro!

Derek Hestera, Tough start by playing the machine in the 1st round but he came all way back and played light out to win 6 matches in row on the loser's side then lost in a tough match against Joe stem, Way to represent Delaware city bro. good job!!

Kristina Tkach The sweetest pool player on the planet, Very humble, quiet, and for sure one of the best female players in the world, She played amazing pool all day.


13th/16th: Christopher Lee Wilburn Matt Douglas Joshua Brothers Joe Scott Congratulation guys all of you played really well and for sure next time you guys will make it deeper.


Please follow the rest of the results below:

Finally, I want to say sorry if anyone wasn't happy yesterday for any reason and we promise will do better next time.

Please follow Milford Billiards Pool Tournaments for more events coming soon! STAY TUNED!

Thanks again, everyone.

Dates for:
Delaware State Womens BarBox 9Ball Championship 
Delaware State Mens BarBox 10Ball Championship
Delaware State Mens BarBox 8Ball Championship
Delaware State Scotch Doubles BarBox Championship
Coming Soon!!

If you can't join us in person, watch all the action live on any of the 8 table Cams!
Also get live streaming on the feature table with multiple camera angles, live player updates and scoring, instant replays and more!

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